Fi Money

Account Opening Charge


Minimum Balance


Interest Rate


Fi is a neobank partnered with the federal bank. It comes with a smart, zero balance savings account and features that help you get better with your money

Money insured up to ₹5 lakh 

No minimum balance 

Zero forex markup

Withdraw from any ATM 

Transparency in fees 

 Minimum balance


 No minimum balance fees here!
 But if you want to experience what Fi has to truly offer:
 Consider transacting/saving/depositing at least ₹20,000 every month 🤝

 Account Maintenance


 Debit Card

 Visa Platinum, Lifetime Free


 Forex Fee





 ATM Transactions

 Withdrawals from any Federal Bank ATM are free.

 At other ATMs = 5 free transactions every month. After that, it’s ₹21   per transaction.
 For any non-financial transactions at these ATMs (like a Balance   Enquiry), it’s ₹11 per transaction